“Hurry-up Syndrome” 2



“On the morning of the accident, the pilot of the twin-engine AeroStar picked up the airplane, which had been upgraded with new Machen 656 Superstar conversion engines. He received a 30 minute dual familiarization flight, a short review of performance charts and flight manuals, and two partial weather briefings. He topped off the fuel tanks, filed a flight plan, and took off with his passenger for Florida. Nine minutes after takeoff, the flight, was cleared by Washington Center to climb to FL180. Eight minutes later, Washington Center received last transmission: “Ok, Mayday, lost engines, lost engines, dropping fast”. Radar data from Baltimore Approach Control showed a descended from 16900 feet to 2300 feet in about 90 seconds, an average descent rate of more than 9700 feet per minute. Witnesses saw the aircraft banking from left to right, roll inverted, and impact the ground nose down. Witnesses at the airport…

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