Fly Safety 1

2 examples to follow.



A beautiful sunny day on a Sunday morning. A light breeze lifts the windsock. Small clouds at 3000 feet run faster. It ‘s probably the best day of the year to fly.
It ‘a nice little airfield and within the club you can hear at the radio pilots reporting their position.
A plane is parked nearby the runway and its owners are quietly sipping a coffee.
The airplane is one of those aircraft of the latest generation and I curiously observe the scene, interested in testing the ability of the aircraft with a runway of medium length.
In a short time I’ll know something more of the plane and certainly much more of the pilots.
The pilots say goodbye and walk towards the plane, chased by a club member who urges them to fill out the paperwork of their arrival and departure. The reluctance with which they fill the documents seems genuinely out of place.

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PILOT. AVIATION BROKER AND REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT. Flight Experience Film Festival. The first film festival for pilots, and flyers!

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